Shankh Bajuband

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Engineered for an elevated look, the adjustable Shankh Bajuband features a beautiful labradorite stone set atop a shell-shaped armlet. This modern take on a traditional bajuband is stunning and perfect for that beach holiday, or even as a standout accessory at a wedding.

18K Gold on Brass

shell 4" x 2.6" armband adjustable
Weight: 52g 

Bajuband, also known as an armlet, is a piece of jewelry worn around the upper arm. It has been an essential part of Indian culture for centuries and is widely used in traditional Indian attire. The word ‘bajuband’ is derived from the Hindi words ‘baju’ meaning arm and ‘band’ meaning band or bracelet.

The earliest evidence of baju band dates back to the Indus Valley Civilization, which flourished in the Indian subcontinent between 3300 BCE and 1300 BCE. Archaeologists have found several pieces of armlets from this period, which suggests that baju band was an important piece of jewelry even in those times.

In ancient India, armlets were not just a piece of jewelry but also had religious significance. Hindu mythology mentions several instances where gods and goddesses are depicted wearing armlets. In medieval India, baju band evolved into a more elaborate piece of jewelry. It became a status symbol and was worn by women of the royal and aristocratic families. The Mughal emperors and their queens were known for their love for jewelry, and armlets were an essential part of their attire. Baju band was often made of gold and adorned with precious stones like diamonds, emeralds, and rubies.

All our products are handmade using ancient lost-wax casting method by gifted artisans in Jaipur, India. Each piece is unique and made in limited quantities. Find our step-by-step process here.

Care for this piece like you would for your most unique piece of jewelry.

To avoid the wearing of your plating, remove when in contact with water, cleaning solutions, lotions and perfumes. All our pieces come with a Ziploc, silica gel pack and a handcrafted jewelry box for storage and longevity of plating.

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