Coin treasures

My grandfather’s name was Vinoo Nigam, but his friends called him Captain. Born in New Delhi, he lived a great life from 10 July 1934 to 19 Jan 2011. 

A numismatist, many of these coins are from his personal collection. My precious inheritance can be your heirloom treasure. Pass it on to the next generation and share these stories from India with them.

link earrings

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Coin Barrette

Spring 2019's biggest trend: the 90's hair barrette
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Orbit Necklace

Links are back and better than ever
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Modern Day Heirlooms

Steeped in history
a modern day heirloom:
a dimpled cheek, your mothers favourite perfume.
Inherited treasures to hold on to
and bequeath to your baby boo.

Elephant Danglers

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