Nishat Nishat


What does it mean to be a hijabi woman?

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Lhagyal Lhagyal


In conversation with our brand photographer about culture, identity and home.

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Fai Fai



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Sharmin Sharmin


We picked a Tarot card for 2021 and got The Sun.

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Sanjana: Part II Sanjana: Part II

Sanjana: Part II

"She's such an aggressive feminist."

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Rhea Kimaya Rhea Kimaya

Rhea Kimaya

A nice juicy alphonso.

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Mallika Mallika


A curious and creative coconut.

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Osheen Osheen


Surrender To Surrealism

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Daaman Daaman


I am inspired by rebels and provocateurs.

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Gopalika Gopalika


I am a dramatic child in an adults body with no complaints at all.

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From Coin To Pendant From Coin To Pendant

From Coin To Pendant

Our jewelry is made using lost-wax casting, an ancient method updated with modern materials so that it can be used to make one or many copies of a design. We take you step-by-step through this process to show you how the jewelry you enjoy was crafted.

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