Tota Bangle


The Tota Bangle is a one-of-a-kind accessory. Crafted with parrots on each side, this gold-plated bangle can be worn on either your wrist or higher up on your arm. Perfect for the fashionista who wants to make a statement.

18K Gold on Brass

1.9" x 0.5" (tota) bangle adjustable
Weight: 27g

The parrot, known as "tota" in Hindi and other Indian languages, holds significant cultural and religious importance in India. This colourful bird has been an integral part of Indian traditions, folklore, and rituals for centuries. In Indian mythology, the parrot is often associated with love, passion, and fertility. It is believed to be the vehicle of Kamadeva, the god of love, and is considered a symbol of romance and desire. The parrot's vibrant plumage and melodious chirping have inspired poets and writers, and it is often depicted in Indian art and literature as a representation of beauty and grace. Furthermore, parrots are sometimes used in traditional Indian astrology and fortune-telling practices, where their behavior and choices are believed to offer insights into the future. As a result, parrots are not only cherished as pets but also revered as spiritual and cultural symbols in India.

All our products are handmade using ancient lost-wax casting method by gifted artisans in Jaipur, India. Each piece is unique and made in limited quantities. Find our step-by-step process here.

Care for this piece like you would for your pet Tota.

To avoid the wearing of your plating, remove when in contact with water, cleaning solutions, lotions and perfumes. All our pieces come with a Ziploc, silica gel pack and a handcrafted jewelry box for storage and longevity of plating.

This product will be shipped out in 1-3 business days from Calcutta, India. If you would like your order delivery expedited please email us at and we'll try to accommodate your request. Also, we ship globally, you can find our shipping + return policies here.