We believe that all jewelry is meant to be worn every day, not locked in a safe. Scratches and dents can happen, so can some tarnishing—and that's okay! It's a sign that your beautiful jewels are serving you well, day in and day out. That said, there are also ways to keep your jewelry as pristine as the day it was made.

Our gold plated jewelry is 18k gold over brass. To avoid the wearing of your plating, remove when in contact with water, cleaning solutions, lotions and perfumes.

Store your pieces in an airtight plastic bag, like the Ziploc we've provided. The silica gel pack aids in longevity of plating. These methods will help prevent tarnish while you are not wearing your jewelry.

As a rule, if you’re unsure if an activity will tarnish or damage your jewelry, take it off. This will ideally require less jeweler intervention—though we’re always here for you if you need advice or repair.