Kali means “the black one” or “beyond time.” A Hindu goddess, she is considered to be the goddess of power, time, destruction and change. Kali is the quintessential embodiment of shakti meaning female power. She embodies the power of creation and destruction in one entity. She transcends good and evil. Kali is Mother Nature—primordial, nurturing, creating, and devouring all at once, always protecting her children from harm.
One of the most well-known tales of Kali is that of her conquering the demon Raktabija. The demon Raktabija spawned clones of himself with every drop of his blood that hit the ground. The other gods called Kali in to help after they only succeeded in making an army of Raktabija clones. Kali spread her tongue across the entire battlefield, drinking all of the blood as it fell before it could hit the ground. The other gods were able to kill the clones, and then Kali killed Raktabija.

A form of the mother goddess, Kali is a powerful force. To us, she embodies the boundless and existential freedom to be—without seeking permission. She's the feminist icon we all need.