Chandi (चांदी in Hindi and چاندی in Urdu) translates to silver. A soft, white, lustrous metal, silver exhibits the highest electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, and reflectivity of any metal. 

In many cultures, worldwide, silver is believed to protect the wearer against evil. Hindu's associate gold with the sun and silver with the moon. The Inca legend that called gold and silver "the sweat of the sun and the tears of the moon" expresses poetically the Indian view of these metals, whose primary use was not as media of exchange but as beautiful materials to be worked into marvelous adornments for gods and men.

Known for our gold plated jewels, this is our first foray into a different metal plating. Chandi includes some of our best selling pieces and some fresh designs in a 1 micron silver plating finish.
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Ghungroo Earrings (Silver) Ghungroo Earrings (Silver)

Ghungroo Earrings (Silver)

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