noun \ˈō-lē-ˌō\

a mixture of heterogeneous elements; potpourri; miscellany.

Emerging from a friendship of ideas, spaces and individuals, OLIO was brought together by a mutual love for geometry, getting lost in parks and all things sushi. Recognising a major gap in the market for indigenous brands at accessible prices, Aashna Singh and Sneha Saksena launched OLIO in November 2015 as a destination for high quality, differentiated design that celebrates made in India.

In this age of mass retailers churning out products relentlessly, we wanted to create a brand with a soul. So instead of designing in collection format, we tell stories. A story format allows us to be dynamic, shifting our shift our beat with changing seasons and trends, while staying true to our rhythm. People love being told a story, and we're a brand that loves to converse. 

Our brand aesthetic is contemporary with a touch of whimsy. Our pieces are feminine, playful, colourful - and most of all comfortable!  Graphical elements, geometric patterns and smart details are key cornerstones of OLIO designs. 

A big picture approach coupled with detail-oriented eye, our stories come together like layers of a toasty apple pie. 

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