Chuski is an iconic summer delicacy in India. Known by different names such as barf ka gola or gola ganda, it is made of shaved ice with seemingly endless options of tangy toppings and sweet syrups.

A childhood favourite, Chuski is the inspiration for our very first saree collection. Light georgette's meet traditional techniques such as leheriya and pittan embroidery. 

Leheriya, a traditional style of tie dye practiced in Rajasthan, results in brightly colored cloth with distinctive patterns. The technique gets its name from the Rajasthani word for wave because the dyeing technique is often used to produce complex wave patterns. Pittan work is an ancient work of embroidery in which first the filling is done with the help of metal wires, and then it is beaten so that the texture becomes uniform.

Refreshing and colourful, Chuski, like its namesake, is the perfect addition to your summer. 

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