Masooma + Mansi

Tell us about your relationship.
Masooma: As kids we had an absolute love hate relationship. We would fight constantly because she'd gossip with my cousin and never include me. Now we share everything and usually I’m the one with all the gossip. We do all kinds of sisterly things: constantly steal each other’s clothes, go shopping, have never ending discussions over coffee and most importantly cover for each other.
You got married last year. How did you meet your husband?
A school friend’s wife introduced me to Vinay. She said, "You will like this guy, he is a little weird."

You married someone from a different culture than yours. How did you celebrate your wedding?
The wedding was a traditional Tam-Bhram wedding with yummy South India food, which is a lot more than Dosa and Idlli!

What was the nicest ritual?
Right after Vinay tied the Thaali (mangalsurta) 2-3kgs of rose petals were showered on us from the top. They came out of nowhere and was totally unexpected.

What did you wear?

How did Mansi getting hitched impact your lives and your relationship?
Masooma: It brought us closer. After the wedding Mansi moved back to Delhi. So now I have an additional house to crash, free food and other perks!
What's your relationship like with your brother-in-law?
Even though my sister had prepared him well, he got a little scandalized the first time he met me. He cracks lame jokes and thinks he’s the funniest and the best looking in the family (obviously not true.) 
What's your take on 'new age' concepts like bachelorette, wedding photo-shoots and bollywood performances?
Mansi: Haha let me rate them in increasing order of stupidity - Bollywood performances, bachelorette, and wedding photo-shoots.
Masooma, what about your dream wedding?
I would love to get married in a forest! 
All photos by Tenzin Lhagyal. 

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