Tell us about yourself + Mishcat Co. 
I studied Interior Architecture at RISD. After working in New York, I always sort of knew I wanted to move back at some point. After founding my own interior practice in New Delhi in 2013, I found a bit of a market gap when it came to recommending rugs to clients.
And Mishcat Co just sort of happened. The idea is to change the way people view the process of buying a carpet; to disrupt the idea of the rug being an after thought, a hand me down or avoidable altogether, instead, looking at it as a starting point to designing a room. And through our interior design consultancy our designers help you curate an entire look - so its a more holistic, curated approach than just stepping into a commercial carpet store with thousands of options, and no direction.
Why Mishcat?
My younger brother had a bunch of nicknames for me growing up. Ishy, Ishmish, Mish, Mishcat. I always wanted the brand to be fun and playful, and a little cheeky. Not so serious. And somehow that last one stuck- it just felt right.
Who makes your rugs?
We work with the loveliest independent weavers and artisans across Rajasthan and UP. It's really exciting to say that our design process is a collaborative one. After three years, our design vocabulary is pretty synced, and weavers share with us as much inspiration, sketches and doodles as we share with them- its inspiring, and fun!
Have you ever used heirloom sarees to create a rug? 
No. The sari silk rugs are made of leftover sari yarn, not old sari yarn. It is upcycled.
What's your take on 'new age' concepts like bachelorette and wedding photoshoots?
It depends entirely on the relationship you have with your partner, whatever feels right- and personal. Some may call a pre wedding photoshoot cheesy, others may call it romantic. I just think people need to remember that a wedding is meant to be a celebration, I've often seen the bride and groom look more stressed than anything else. Bride-chilla not bride-zilla.
Finally, what's your favourite part of a wedding?
Just the laughter and love, celebrating two people. The energies and vibes.
All photos by Tenzin Lhagyal.

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