Athena Hoops

Rs. 8,200.00

Handmade mismatched beaded coin charms with hoops. The coin, circa 480–420 BC, features Athena on one side and her owl on the other. 

Choose your own combination: single coin on each ear, double coin on each ear, or mismatched. 

Wear with our herringbone chain. 

Metal: 18ct Gold on Brass with Sterling Silver posts
Single Coin Earring: 6.5cm x 2.7cm
Double Coin Earring: 12cm x 2.7cm
Weight: 34.5g

Care for this piece like you would for your pet owl. Read care instructions here

Athena was the Greek goddess that could do it all. Besides being the wisest of the Greek gods, she was also good at war strategy, invented a bunch of things, and was excellent at weaving and pottery. A total overachiever.

Her owl though! Legend has it, Athena had one blind eye. However, her owl had the ability to light up her blind side and reveal unseen truths to her. A bird of mystical wisdom, owls have ancient knowledge of the powers of the moon. Turned on by moonlight, full moon nights make them feel super sexy; they’ve been observed sending out coochie-coo hoots all night long.

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