1P Reversible Pendant

Rs. 3,500.00

A handmade reversible pendant that can be worn two ways: a 1 paisa coin on one side and a turquoise stone on the other. Comes with a fine 18ct gold plated chain. 

Style this pendant with our bobble chain or layer with our pice pendant

Metal: 18ct Gold on Brass
Dimensions: 1.8cm diameter  
Loop: 8mm 
Chain Length: 40cm 
Weight: 6g

Care for this piece like you would for your grandma. Read care instructions here.

The Indian One Paisa coin (Hindi: पैसा), was a unit of currency equaling ​1⁄100 (one-hundredth) of the Indian rupee. The symbol for paisa is p. These coins were introduced on 1 April 1957 and withdrawn from circulation and demonetised on 30 June 2011.

The most legendary of all the stones, the Turquoise crystal has reached rock star status in the world of healing minerals. Its dazzling blue-green shade made an appearance in ancient Egypt around 6000 BCE where it was incorporated into protective amulets and royal bling for the likes of King Tut and Cleopatra.

The colour of a vacation paradise and its stunning waters, Turquoise is a beautiful reminder of your happy place, a spiritual lullaby to soothe any emotional storms that might blow through your world. A good luck charm for health and abundance, this all-in-one stone is considered a master healer because it promotes an energetic flow of the highest vibration of love, the spiritual super food to heal the world.
Turquoise is also the traditional birthstone of December babies!