It's art. It's science. It's sushi.

Working together, and the hours that we do, we’ve eaten more meals together than with our families and/or SO’s. Fortunately for us our appetites are almost identical and our cravings always coincidental. Plus we’re both creatures of habit. We frequent a handful of places and order the same thing every single time. Naturally, paired with pints of beer or glasses of wine. 
No two days in a month are the same, and some are significantly harder than others. And you know what they say - when the going gets tough, the tough get going… to their favourite sushi haunt. In the words of my new-age guru we absolutely believe in Treat Yo’ Self!
 And a shrimp tempura roll is our most favourite pat on our back.
But it isn’t as simple as sit, order, eat. There’s a process to ensure optimum delectation. First - build a fire in our bellies while simultaneously extinguishing the one in our heads. Second – ordering right. We know our favourite – and sometimes we toy with the idea of getting not one, but two plates of the same kind of sushi. Blasphemous, we know. So we refrain, and add one spicy salmon roll instead. And a plate of edamame chili garlic – an innocent tease before the main show.
I also have another theory - law of diminishing returns. Alternating the shrimp tempura with spicy salmon does, in fact, aid in rediscovering the former over and over – thereby preventing a sharp decline in returns. But then again I don’t think we really believe the returns diminish at all.
It arrives. Hearts racing, we delicately pop the first one in – tempura, obviously. We sit back, shut our eyes and savour each chew very, very slowly. Finally we open our eyes to grin at each other like two people who have chanced upon the secret to the universe. 
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