Soni + Pam + Neelam

Pam, Neelam and Soni

How many years have you been friends? 

Neelam: 45 years now! Our husbands were friends-- we actually met through them.

Do you remember the first time you met? 

Soni: Absolutely. Neelam was freshly married and her husband invited us over for dinner-- raving about her pulao; she was his Queen of Pulao. And since then, she's been ours too. 

Neelam: I didn't even know how to cook! My husband actually taught me to make that pulao...


What about Pam? 

Neelam: We all met Pam quite recently-- about 5 years ago. 

Soni: It's so lovely to make friends at a later stage of your life!

Pam: Has it only been 5 years? Wow, feels like so much more. 

How did you meet them?

Pam: We all play golf together! 

Soni: And besides that, we've done a bunch of girls trips together!


How sweet. Girls trips!

Neelam: We did a road trip across Europe two summers ago. 

Soni: We were lost all the time. 

Pam: But we always reached our destination!

I heard you did a car rally together recently too. 

Pam: It was a fabulous experience! I dragged them into it. 

Neelam: It was so complex. We needed 101 apps. It was so technical. 

Pam: I drove 15 hours the first day, 12 hours the second day.  

Did you win?

Soni: Haha. Of course not! Some of us were far from it, and some of us were very far from it. 


So heartwarming to see such strong female friendships. 

Pam: There's nothing in the world like the bond of girlfriends! 

Soni: It gets you through almost anything. 

Neelam: And it helps that we share so many passions. We don't meet to just eat a meal and catch up. 

What are other activities you do?

Soni: Besides golf and this car rally, we play bridge, we swim together. We watch plays and performances. And sometimes... we bitch together. 

Pam: Yes. Very important. It's good for our health. 

All images by Nayantara Parikh.

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