Tell us a little about yourself.
I know a few things about a few things.

Where did you grow up?
In Pune first and then Auckland, New Zealand where I went to school.

What was your childhood like?
Awful mostly. Childhood is really overrated. I love getting older.

How many hats do you don? What all do you do!
Let’s just say I’m a hat person. 
I’m a journalist and editor, focused mainly on travel, design and lifestyle. I’m a photographer. I also run LOVER which is an online magazine and editorial and visual content studio - which means I create online and offline publishing projects for brands or whoever needs them.
I also art direct and style fashion, interior and product shoots, do personalised tours and run a small production and anti-model agency.

What's a typical day in your life like?
It depends where I am. Currently I lead three different lives. In Pune, I have a very quiet and unexciting existence. I’m either at home, drinking coffee and writing or sleeping. In Bombay, I’m usually out and about, shooting or working out of Ministry of New. I try and catch every sunset because I am obsessed and it really helps my brain. On the road, it’s non-stop. I wake up early, eat really delicious food, take long strolls, and make photos and notes.
You seem like you are constantly traveling. How can we live that life?
I’m not. My life is hella boring most of the time. I guess the best part of my life is that travel for me is THE work, so I get to actually experience the place I’m in as opposed to being stuck at a conference or hotel room. I’m also not much of a stuff person, so travel is the one thing I really indulge in.

Favourite place to visit? Place you're dying to visit?
Trick question. Since I have to pick only one of each, I’m gonna say Kerala (realistic) and Mexico.

Give us the lowdown on solo traveling.
Do it. There’s not much of a lowdown, it’s the same as travelling with other people except there’s nobody to split splurgy accommodation with. The upside is you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to. I really love working or learning when I travel so I’m never bored or lonely.
How did LOVER come to be?
I’d be thinking of having an online publication for a really long time and one day the format just came to me. It’s the kind of stuff I want to be reading and I’m lucky that the studio part gets really interesting projects and collaborations.

Why 'LOVER' specifically?
Always liked the word and nobody ever forgets the name once they hear it. Also I oscillate between being a lover and a hater and I prefer myself in the former state.

Why is documentation important?
For future reference.

What should people in India be discussing more?

Fascism, caste and privilege, environment and ecology, misogyny, trans rights, mental illness and women’s sports. Basically everything except Bollywood and men’s cricket.

What are issues close to your heart?
All of the above.

What is sustainability?
Being able to sustain/maintain a particular practise or lifestyle for a long period of time.

Can fashion be sustainable?

You don't shop from high street brands. How easy is that? Where do you shop?
It’s pretty easy. I don’t shop very much but I own good quality things from labels I like and I thrift shop when I travel and in Bombay sometimes too.

How environmentally conscious are you in your day to day life?

I’m not perfect and I can’t avoid travel so I try to be as good as possible to offset my carbon emissions. I avoid single use plastic (sometimes takeaway is essential but I’ll return all the accompanying plastic cutlery and avoid ordering beverages) and I wear clothes and shoes for years and years. I carry my own shopping bag. I compost.

Is it expensive to be environmentally conscious?
No. Not if you want less. If you’re trying to match your current lifestyle in quantity, it’s going to get expensive. But if you buy better and buy less (and buy on sale), it’s pretty easy.

What are 3 simple things we can incorporate in our lives to save the environment.
I don’t know if they’ll save the environment but these are easy:
Carpool as much as possible
Separate your garbage into recyclables and compostables
Refill your water bottle

What do you love about Bombay the most?

The sea.

Describe your style in 3 words.
Soft. Slouchy. Layered.

Current trend you love?

I don’t know shit about trends but I read somewhere that bikinis are out and swimsuits are in.

What does feminism mean to you?
Treating women as people.

Finally, any message for Donald Trump and other climate change deniers?
Boy, bye.
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