Lumri Jajo

Tell us a bit about yourself.
I’m an ambivert; I’m shy but also outgoing. I love cats, independence and sleep. I love dogs too. I love to explore and go on adventures. I like creating things and I’m pretty good at crafts (wink). Simple things in life make me happy.

What was your childhood like?
It was incredible! Every day after school, I would run off to play with the kids at my neighbourhood. As a family, we loved setting off to explore - either out on a trip or a picnic. We were big on dressing up and taking family portraits! We also had movie nights and board game nights. 

Lumri Jajo 2

Was your upbringing more egalitarian than the rest of India?
I believe so. I grew up in a small and close-knit community. Growing up, we were treated equally and not discriminated against because of gender. We did equal chores and were given equal opportunities. My parents were quite liberal. I was encouraged to take up sports and other extra-curricular activities as much as academics. That being said, our community is patriarchal, so certain gender roles and gender expectations exist even if it is not openly practiced and acknowledged. 

What did you study? Why?
I did my master’s in Women’s Studies. Honestly, it was my second choice. I didn’t quite fit in at the beginning and wanted to quit but I’m so glad I studied the subject.

Lumri Jajo

Is it difficult to be a feminist?
It can get exhausting as feminists and feminism are often misunderstood and are often associated with men hating. Feminism is not us women against men. Feminism is a belief in the social, political and economic equality of the sexes. When I say, “I’m a feminist”, I mean, “I support gender equality”. Many people still don’t get that.

Do you fight against the system? If so, how?
I’m not the type of person who would go on public demonstrations and protests.  My approach is more subtle. I protest injustice and inequality on a more personal front. I remember an incident when I was in school - it was during our annual sports week. Some male teachers decided to scrap off the girls football team. I was so mad; I actually went to those teachers and questioned why they were not allowing girls to play football. I guess I was quite persuasive because we ended up playing football. I felt so accomplished, even more so when I scored a goal!

Lumri Jajo

What's your plan for this year?
I want to finish the last leg of my formal education and be more active with my blog.

What's your blog going to be like? What's its USP?
I started a personal blog to explore and share my enthusiasm for style, photography, art and feminism. I also want it to be a platform for other young women who are established or aspiring creatives to document how they see the world, feature their work and create a community where females would support and encourage each other. I am working on collaborating with young women who are photographers, stylists, artists, writers, and other creatives to feature their work in my blog and create a network of feminist content.

Favourite blog/blogger?
I love Man Repeller, Stylish Gambino and Sukeban.

Lumri Jajo

Strongest woman you know.
My grandma.
Describe your style in 3 words.
Girl meets boy.
What do you do for fun?
I sing like crazy, twirl around the house, forcefully pet the cats or go out exploring places.
Current trend you love?
Current trend you will never get on board with?
Corsets & extra-wide belts.
What do you like about Delhi?
The monuments! It’s so cool to live in a city where you can go see the monuments you read about in history books.
What do you miss about home?
The view of the mountains from our living room.
What era would you like to live in?
I’m not a person who romanticizes about an era. I’m quite happy with the era that I’m living in because I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t be able to live without the internet. 
All images by Tenzin Lhagyal.

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