By sneha saksena


What do you eat for breakfast?
Coconut water as soon as I wake up. I walk the dogs and then comes the mother load: 3 bananas and one whole pomegranate mixed into a big bowl, a tall glass of milk and a hard boiled egg.

Do you cook? What's the 'Kayaan special'?
Yes, I do. I love to! I once made rice infused with raw BBQ rub in a pressure cooker, it turned out so flavourful. Then I sautéed a bit of canned tuna with garlic, spring onions and a bit more of that BBQ rub, which I put over the steaming hot rice, and I chopped up some seaweed, and just let it melt/soften up on top of the fish, little bit of siracha and... nom nom!
I like to call it "The Seaweed Smoke Show!"

How would you describe your style?
Effortless, androgynous, unapologetic.

Style icon? 
Leandra Medine, Gilda Ambrosio, Mira Duma, Marion Cotillard.

Favourite blogger?
Man Repeller
(Omg, us too!)

Favourite Indian blogger?
Rhea Gupte

You have 6 tattoos! Tell us about your most special one.
My latest one is my most precious one; it's one and a half cherry blossom flowers in watercolour style. If you look at it from a far it looks like a healing scab, but when you come up close, you see the pretty flowers. The story behind that is that I lost my grandmother last year in October (it's been a year), and she loved cherry blossoms. She was a lady not to be messed with, haha. Real stone cold (from afar, like the harsh scab) if she didn't know you, but once you got to know her (got closer), she was the best, most loving and beautiful person inside and out. The full flower is her and the half one is me; so we're always together! I love that one with my whole heart!

You're such a big influencer. Do you ever feel the pressure and/or responsibility?
Not really, even as an influencer, I'm a real person, and I try to (I do) keep it real at all times. Had I been someone else on screen, then I'd think that would be a responsibility to keep up with my, let's just say "blog avatar"!

Tip for upcoming bloggers. 
Be true to your style, know exactly what you want, stick to it, and be nice and humble to everyone you meet. Laugh a lot! 

 All photos by Tenzin Lhagyal.