Kalpana + Naina

Naina and Kalpana

How many years have you been friends? 

Kalpana: About 35 years now!

Where did you meet for the first time? 

Kalpana: At Naina's engagement! 

Naina: You had permed hair then.

Kalpana: Oh gosh, I did. And a little Fiat car! 


Happy, simple times!

Kalpana: Yup, we happened to have our first kids at the same time too. Nothing brings you closer than first-time motherhood. 

Naina: We lived down the road from one another and would take our kids to the park together. 

Kalpana: Picnics was our thing!

And now?

Kalpana: We're still outdoorsy! But we also have our movie dates and wine nights! 


What do you like the most about each other?

Naina: She's so fun-loving! Kalpana will agree to do anything, at any time, any where. 

Kalpana: We've done some pretty questionable things together. 

Naina: Oh yes! We were in the choir together and Kalpana drove us back one winter night all the way from Faridabad - in the fog!

Haha, aw. Are you going to be friends forever? 

Naina: We're family, not friends. And family is forever. 

All images by Nayantara Parikh. 


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