Tell us a little about yourself.
My name is Justine and I am a freelance hairstylist. I play football and ride my bicycle as much as I can.  

Where did you grow up?
In Bombay.

What was your childhood like?
I swam competitively for 13 years so a lot of my time was spent underwater. It was very peaceful.

What do you do?
I style hair.

Is hairstyling therapeutic?
Yes it's very therapeutic. Sometimes hair can be quite challenging especially when you're shooting outdoors. There are so many factors to consider such as temperature and wind, in addition to the texture of the hair you're working with. But when it all comes together, it's very satisfying. 

Have you experimented with your own hair often?
In college I worked at a salon part time so I would have a different style every 2 weeks or so. I once had a pink mohawk with a checkered design shaved on one side.

What's a typical day in your life like? 
Freelancing is great because no two days are alike. When I'm not shooting I ride my bicycle, play football, photograph and whatever else I feel like really. 
Everyone in Bombay does multiple things, why is that so? 
Bombay is such a fast paced city. And so our minds are always running too. I think doing multiple things brings some kind of balance. 
What do you love the most about Bombay. 
Bombay has a great energy. There's so much character everywhere you go. 
What don't you love about Bombay.
Definitely the filth. 

Do you remember the first time you thought about your sexuality?
I never thought about my sexuality. It's always been just about people, not their gender.

What are you attracted to in a person?
Raw beauty is what I'm most attracted to most; when someone is comfortable in their own skin.

What advice would you give a young girl or boy struggling with their sexuality.
Don't think about it too much. If you feel something just go with it and society will begin to see that as 'normal'. It's what worked for me at least.

Do you want to get married? 

What do you do for fun? 
Movies, bike rides, play board games, take photographs.

Describe your style in 3 words. 
Minimal, basic, easy. 

Spirit animal?
I've always felt connected to sea horses.

Finally, what is your fine opinion on the 'man bun'?
I love the man bun when it's done right.

All images by Tenzin Lhagyal.

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