We met Juhi one Sunday at her home slash studio space slash haven. Chopin blasting, we found her lazing on the day-bed, enjoying the art of doing nothing. This was refreshing, her vibe was rare. As was her space, cluttered with the most fascinating paraphernalia-- it was rose-coloured Museum of Delightful Things. We were in the house of a Harry Potter obsessed, stationery hoarding, hugely talented calligrapher: a species we hadn't had the pleasure of encountering before.

A UI/UX designer by profession, Juhi's side-hustle The Scratchy Nib quickly evolved into her side-business, creating typography-based-designs for brands or calligraphy-based artwork for gifting. Growing up in a small town, her first calligraphy 'pen' was a reed stalk that her mother cut into a flat-edged nib. A paradoxical work life: Juhi has an intense appreciation of what digital design has enabled with an equal love for paper covered in stamps and textures, the scratching of nib on paper.

Most days, she can't tell if she's indulging in a hobby or working her ass off. IMO, best way to live.
Video by Gorkey Patwal
Images by Tenzin Lhagyal
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