Gauri + Rhea

Tell us a little about yourselves.
Gauri: I can't. (But really, I work and create at JODI.)
Rhea: Dreadful question. I am a lawyer by profession (and I love a good beer.)
I want to say I'm like Tom Cruise in The Firm but a typical day is - read the newspaper, head to court, engage in yo mamma rap battles, consistently fail to hit the gym so nap instead, some unhealthy banter with fellow friends who stop by at night, read a little more and sleep.

Describe your personalities in 3 words.
Gauri: Chill, efficient and bang-on-point.
Rhea: I need a song - Young Forever (by) Jay-Z

Where did you both grow up?
Rhea: Like every other true blooded Fauji brat, we grew up all over. 7 schools and even more cities- Bombay, Iran, Vizag, Delhi, Pune, Port blair…and on trees. I loved climbing trees.
Most of my childhood photos are of me sitting on a tree.

Favourite childhood memory?
Rhea: PEPSI. My brother-in-arm. He was our pet Lhasa Apso and my constant companion. Our parents treated Gauri, Pepsi and me alike. We ate together, were sent out to play together, put to bed together, yelled at together, and then of course sulked together... even chocolates would shared equally.

Favourite trip?
Gauri: Backpacking through Turkey in 2000 with my parents! It was incredible. Swimming in the Bosphorus with jellyfish (and being stung), eating the most massive potato-spuds I've ever seen, sleeping on the deck of a cruise ship from North to South, cycling through the Princes' Islands in the Sea of Marmara. It was a month of experiences I'll never forget.
If I had to ever conjure a Patronus, this is what I'd think about.

How was JODI born?
Gauri: I started work life at ELLE when I was still studying at NIFT. A year later I quit to study for the GMAT exam. Karuna Laungani (my ex boss at ELLE and now bff) and I had spoken about our interest in the various crafts while I was with the magazine. That became a starting point for us to take the idea forward.

How has JODI changed you?
Gauri: It's made me calmer - I let things flow, rather than chasing them.
And I have new respect for anyone who is doing what they love and making a living off of it.

Last (great) book you read.
Gauri: A Short History Of Nearly Everything by Bill Bryson.
Rhea: Glass castle by Jeanette Walls.
Favourite dress silhouette?
Gauri: A deep front v-neck with slight, thin straps that falls straight till my calves and hugs me at the waist.
Rhea: Anything that lets me do a split comfortably.

Current trend you love?
Gauri: Green.
Rhea: Monotone clothing. It's been my jam since I was 4.
Current trend you will never get on board with?
Gauri: Lip-kits
Rhea: Bejeweled clothing

 All photos by Tenzin Lhagyal.

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