By the poolside with Karuna

Chateau de la Messardière, St. Tropez
I thought I may as well start with the most inaccessible and get it over with! In the world’s most luxurious little town, inside one of its best hotels, lies one of the most beautiful pools I’ve ever seen. Not the main one (though that is fantastic too), but the smaller private spa pool. Framed by white pillars and arch ways, the indoor pool rests against a wall where mosaic flowers curl their way through tiny stone stars and poetry. Exquisite!
Wildernest, Goa
Imagine a Goa you’ve never heard of. A Goa without a beach in sight. A Goa made up of misty mornings and blue evenings. And imagine here, surrounded by rolling hills an infinity pool sans chemicals, clean as a mountain spring.
Laksh Farms, Haryana
Just outside Delhi, down a valley and through an ancient village called Mangar, lies the Laksh Foundation, an eco farm skin to paradise. Embedded amidst vegetable fields and high mustard, is their lovely little pool
The pools of the Greek Isles 
Go anywhere in Greece and you’ll find something magical. They don’t believe in walled pools much. And why should they, when the world is their swimming pool. In some places like Giola in Thassos, the rocks have created natural pools, but elsewhere, here’s what they do …they attach a ladder to the land, and jump right in.

The Budapest Baths
Though I’ve never been, my dream pools are the ones in Budapest. I think I need to plan a trip to the city simply to swim! My top faves to visit right now are the 16h century Turkish style octagonal ottoman bath, Kiraly, and the 20th century nouveau style Gellert Bath. You should see the stained glass windows, pillars, mosaic and balconettes – it’s more opera house than swimming pool!
Location Courtesy: The Lalit, New Delhi
All photos by Tenzin Lhagyal
Actor, model, writer, photographer, TV show host, traveller, business woman, creative consultant, and as the world recently discovered - the most beautiful poet too.
Karuna does everything and needs no introduction.
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Location Courtesy:  Wildernest, Goa

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