Beaches around the world with Kayaan

Mana Island, Fiji
I've been almost all over Fiji and I've tried to hit up as many beaches as I could, but my one true love affair in Fiji was with a private island we landed on by a small plane and THAT is probably The One! Mana Island has got to be number one on my beach lists - I've never been happier than when I set foot on the island. The first thing I did was take a buggy up to one corner of the island and just lay on that shore. I've never had such a huge smile on my face. 
Koh Tao
Although they might look the same - a  beach is a beach is a beach - diving in and around Koh Tao was my first real adventure in the water. I grew to love vast spaces and deep undergrounds.
Al Bustan Beach, Oman
This was my first open snorkelling experience. This beauty has mountains all over and you just feel like you've escaped the city. After passing through caves, underpasses, dessert areas and what not, I remember clearly there was a long road leading up to a dock where we took my dads speed boat (we lived in Oman a few years when I was younger) and we just went up into a cove, and water-skied there for hours in the sun.
Arambol, Goa
Not for the beach per-se, but it one of my favourite memories of Goa. We drove up to Arambol in the North. Once I got there I found myself literally trekking my way in flip flops to find this magically hot water spring I was told was somewhere in one corner of Arambol beach. I walked past so many flea shops along the way till I finally descended to the shore and it was so beautiful - the sun had about an hour till it set, and after a long walk, I found this calm and beautiful hot water spring smack in the sand. One happy little beach baby I was for sure!    
Cherry Beach, Toronto
This one has more of a chill, vintage vibe going for it. It's somewhere between a "let's escape to the cottage" and "all I want to do is watch the waves and eat ice cream" vibe. Living in Canada for quite a while you become accustomed to the summer norms and traditions, and here is where once of my friends had a cottage on the beach. You had your regular volleyball going on, people reading books by the shore and just chill vibes! You know the kind in that stupid movie Nights in Rodanthe? Hahaha! 
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