Abhineet + Emilia

How did you meet?

We both used to work at Wieden + Kennedy. Emilia in Shanghai and Abhineet came back from the US to join the Delhi office.

How was The Brewhouse born?
It was a lovechild.

Why "Brewhouse"?
Our then partner did not like "The General Store". So we chose something that indicated something was happening without saying what exactly. We wanted to create culture and find the best media for our ideas instead of defining them beforehand.

Tell us about your journey with BH.
We started with a focus on youth and digital, as that was a way for small companies to work with big companies. After which, we began working with start-ups from inception - building their design language, communication and culture. Six years later we have a good mix of small, big and start-up clients for brand strategy, experience, communication and design.

Tell us about VegNonVeg and how it was born. 
VegNonVeg is a partnership between us and Anand Ahuja, the founder of bhane. Anand and Abhineet both love sneakers and we combined our strengths to start VNV. Anand is very vegan and Abhineet is very non, and we liked the name as it is part of Indian pop-culture.
Through VNV we aim to grow sneaker and street culture in India, offer a tightly curated selection of sneakers from multiple brands and all the stuff that goes with it.

Favourite sneakers currently?
A: Tough question. I love classics and have recently started to wear tech innovations as well.
E: NMDs for comfiness, and you can never go wrong with white or gold sneakers.

You always endeavour to create culture in India. Do you think it's changing? 
Yes, and very fast. I think striving for change and doing better for yourself is engrained in Indian culture. There is less complacency. There are so many young entrepreneurs doing cool stuff. The energy is really good here and it’s a small community that shares and helps each other. Exciting times!

What's the work culture at BH like? 
Fun we hope. Work should feel like a place you come and do interesting things with a group of talented people. We’d like people to be curious and encourage people to do the best they can. We try to hire interesting people from different backgrounds, real characters. We let them clash and learn.
We do an “office bar” together where we take turns mixing cocktails and everyone can bring a friend who brings a friend. It always makes for an interesting and different mix. We also encourage other people to use our space upstairs. Soon we will all take a trip together to get inspired.
What's your working relationship like?
Fun, and mostly on the same page. Unless we talk interior design, that tends to get messy.

Do you always talk about work?
Nope, but life reflects in work and work reflects in life.

What do you do for fun?
Have drinks with friends (Abhineet mixes great cocktails), plan travels, Emilia does craft projects (she finds them strangely relaxing.)

What do you like of each others culture?
A: Cheese
E: Sparkly glittery things, kebabs, driving like a maniac, Bollywood songs, weddings, ice cream (I once even started a review blog and set out to eat all the ones you get in the carts), sunshine, the people!

Weird habits of one other?
A: Emilia brushes her eyebrows with her toothbrush! And she has a fascination for unicorns.
E: Abhineet has been collecting lint from his bellybutton and hopes to knit a jumper one day.

All images by Tenzin Lhagyal.

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