Parks around the world with Sheena

As somebody who adores and campaigns for public space and is going to dedicate a whole regular feature to it in her magazine, parks are in my top five favourite things. You know how in movies before they had cellphones, somebody was like ‘we can’t find her’, and then somebody else is like, ‘I think I know where she is.’ That she is me. Predictable in the park.

When I was making this list, I thought of obvious cities like New York and London first (it’s Brooklyn Bridge Park and Richmond Park for the record) but realised they have nothing on these ones


I loathe mornings but every time I’m in Delhi, I will literally give up my favourite bad habit of sleeping in to spend the am at Lodhi gardens. It’s green, you can play baddy or read or do yoga which is good enough, but mostly I’m kind of blown away that you can chill inside a 15th century tomb or five and take selfies. Like did the Sultans even predict this?


My favourite park in Melbourne is not even a park, it’s a patch of green outside the State Library of Victoria. It’s opposite Melbourne Central right on the main strip Swanston St. I went to school across the road at RMIT and every chance I got I’d grab a hot chocolate, some friends (or a book) and sunbathe there with all (or half) my clothes on.


Lumpini Park is Bangkok’s gorgeous green lung and is such a welcome surprise in such a bustling city. Locate the water on the map, and go lay down on the banks. The view is stunning, a picture perfect pond with waddling ducks, weeping willows and a few locals on creepy swan paddle boats with the city skyline in the backdrop.


Osho Teerth Park (or Nala Park) is tucked discreetly between two leafy lanes in Koregaon Park (a neighbourhood) and most people forget it exists. It’s gorgeous and wild with lots of thick tropical foliage, a lovely stream and is the nicest place to catch up. It’s always got these couples making out behind umbrellas and maybe I’m shady but I love that there is this space for them.


Preußenpark park became my favourite park in Berlin when I learned I could picnic there without packing a picnic. Every weekend, Berlin’s Thai community sets up shop on the grass and locals show up to eat. The pad thai and summer rolls and iced tea are amazing, everything is 5 or 6 euros, and you can get very drunk on very lethal rum cocktails all while the authorities turn a blind eye.


Sheena runs an independent online magazine called Lover. It features everything we all like to read about - travel, art, design, food, culture - but in a very (refreshingly) interesting way. Most importantly it promises to be a listicle-, Bollywood-, and Kardashian-free zone! 

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