Tell us a little about yourself.
Strength and safety, dreams and insight,
Darkness befriends me just like the light.

How did you get into aerial arts?
I was working as a volunteer on an organic farm in Auroville. There was a beautiful lady who'd rig a silk from the trees to train every afternoon. That was the beginning to it all.

Are there certain "moves" you've yet to master? Tell us about them.
Ankle hangs and way too many drops.

What are you looking forward to?
Chickpeas for lunch. Also, an intensive at circus school this summer :)

What do you do for fun?
Very seriously, headstands haha.

Spirit animal?
Mama says panda because those with the panda totem tend to be firm and gentle at the same time and demonstrate a gentle strength.

Lastly, don't you ever get dizzy?
Maybe that's my favorite part.
All photos by Kassia Karr.

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