Vartika + Vatsala Vartika + Vatsala

Vartika + Vatsala

By sneha saksena

Vartika + Vatsala Vartika + Vatsala
 Tell us a little about yourselves.
Vartika: Vatsala and I are sisters living in New Delhi. We are identical twins, and that is why we sort of look alike. I draw & paint and Vatsala writes & art directs so that we can travel and fund our personal projects.
 What's a typical day in your life life?
Vatsala: We wake each other up, depending on who wakes up first. Then we go to feed breakfast to Mollie, Gollie, Ollie and Wallie, our cute little foster puppies. We travel to work together, so we use that time to discuss projects, crib about Delhi's pollution and shop online. On days that are less busy, Vartika and I manage to head back home together, and try to catch the last 20 mins of My Kitchen Rules while having dinner. Later, we work on our individual projects, or finish off pending zines and comics.
We have to end our day with an episode of X-Files, it is like our bedtime story.
What do you do for fun?

We like watching movies a lot - we have these horror movie nights with our friends.
Photographing our friends, drawing together and spending a day out in a garden, tree spotting. 

 Tell us about your comic strip + how you both work on it together.
Vartika: Vatsala and I have been making up and telling each other stories since forever. When we were kids, a lot of them would be about girls in a haunted school or girls with supernatural powers, magic and some about teenage heartbreaks as well. 

We basically start by deciding the mood for the comic. Vatsala puts down her stream of thoughts, and I at the same time think of the visuals, so both, the narration/story + visuals develop at the same time. 

Vatsala: We trust each other so it makes it a lot easier to accept each other's vision as well as to give an honest opinion and criticism. I think we can be quite harsh to each other at times, but then it helps us make something that we both love and care for. 
Currently, we are working on a series called Ilya, its about this girl and her thoughts.
You can read the first one here.

Can you read each others minds?

We guess we can, we like to call it twin telepathy to feel special, but we think it's because we spend so much time together. Often, we have the same music playing inside our heads too. We sometimes have similar dreams. It's like our subconscious is connected in some weird way. 

All photos by Tenzin Lhagyal.
Collage by Vartika Sharma.